About Us

Headquarter based in Southern California, ChargerCity.com by HUC. is a leading provider and retailer of innovative accessories for Electornic Products and other electronics related products. As one of the leading online e-commerce company, Chargercity offers thousands pf products related to Electronics Accessories.

Through all the years our goal has been to earn the trust of our customers. To do this we knew we must offer competitive pricing, but we also knew low prices alone could not make our business superior. We were determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after the sale. We understood that long term customer satisfaction depended on our ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service staff assisted by the best support systems. And we decided on a way to describe our business. To end users we are a distributor of brand products that look good and are easy to use. We pride ourselves in actually using the products we sell whenever they fit our needs.

ChargerCity.com treats every customer as their biggest customer and strives to make itself the ultimate online factory store video game accessories with the widest selection and best factory-direct prices.

Shop with confidence with us! ChargerCity.com is a super user-friendly site, with up-to-date security features to safeguard your personal information and your identity, as well as providing the best quality with low prices.